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About Waking Ugly

Waking Ugly is a pop/rock band from Melbourne, Australia, fronted by co-writers Lydia Gardner (vocals) and Darren Pace (guitar).

After many years performing and writing together, Darren and Lydia recorded their debut release, Say Something Sweet (EP) in 2010. They combined their favourite elements of pop and rock music, resulting in an irresistible mesh they describe as “ear candy that’s a little crunchy”.

Say Something Sweet received an overwhelmingly positive response from both local and international critics, with Gardner’s vocals, described as “sugar-sweet but with enough strength to carry a bus load of school children” (Beat Magazine, 2010) and Pace’s “keen ear for a hook” (Fireworks Magazine, 2014) resulting in comparisons to greats such as P!nk, Roxette, Blondie, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

The dynamic duo have won several awards, including Best Pop Band (2012), Recording of the Year (2013), Best Rock Recording (2014), Best Pop Demo (2016) and Best Alternative Song (2017) at the Indie Music Channel Awards, Best Pop/Rock EP (2015) at the Akademia Music Awards, Artist of the Year (2015) in the Music Scene Investigation Awards and Best Pop Song (2015 & 2016) in the Pop Radio Music Awards.

They have also received many nominations, including placing as Semi-Finalists (2014 & 2015) and Runner-up (2016) in the prestigious Song of the Year competition.

Waking Ugly have played at several well-known venues, including the world-famous Esplanade Hotel in their hometown and hotspots in other major cities such as Brisbane and Sydney. They can also be spotted busking (street performing) in the city of Melbourne during the Summer months.

The recently released album 'You Know You Wanna', features the hit titular track along with other radio favourites including 'Must Be Love' and 'Zombies'.